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Lost in translation

-- so lets drop our pretenses

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Writing Myself into Being


Weapon of choice:
A biology textbook

Not shutting-up, looking for typos, spellin 'miscellaneous' correctly, failing math, making honey and butter toast, banging music on the piano terribly

Its at your own risk if you:
-ask me for help on computer problems
-make me sew
-get me to drive
-have me as a lab partner

"The kind of April morning no other month can touch"

Fell has graduated from an uninspired high school student to a College student going into her second year. She is 100% Asian, despite failing at all the major stereotypes of one.

Wears a shoe size of 35 for heels, likes listening to the rain falling against the windows in her bedroom, reading online novels, collecting scarfs, chrysanthemums, the summer heat, korean drama osts, really loves having Chopin on autorepeat,

On the otherhand, messy collars and crooked ties makes her fingers fidget and itch, along with hating loud noises, essays with horrible topics, and people with no manners or tact

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